, author: Ermakova M.

The new crossover Changan Auchan X5 Plus 2023 will soon be on sale

The features of appearance and technical details about the new product are already known

Crossover Changan Auchan X5 Plus 2023 model year will soon appear in dealerships in China. The novelty is ambitiously compared with the BMW X5. At the same time, the price is not much more democratic. The basic version is priced at 99,900 yuan, which is exactly 896,000 rubles. For the top performance, you will have to pay an amount equivalent to 1,158,000 rubles.

The new Changan Auchan X5 Plus was awarded a premium exterior. Above the huge multi-faceted radiator grille is a chrome bar that connects the intricately shaped LED head optics. All this is backed up by an athletic front bumper. The side surface of the body is woven from smooth transitions and rounded wheel arches. The stern is decorated with separate lights and a bumper with chrome decor. The picture is complemented by a darkened pattern of alloy wheels. The cross was stretched in length by 4540mm, in width by 1860mm, in height by 1610, and the distance between the axles is exactly 2715mm.

Inside the Changan Auchan X5 Plus, the driver will be greeted by a large cockpit that combines virtual scales and a multimedia display. The SUV's extensive arsenal includes a range of driver assistance systems, navigation, separate climate control and much more.

Under the hood of the SUV there is a non-alternative 1.5-liter petrol “turbo four” with 188 forces and 300 Nm, which are transmitted exclusively to the front axle using a 7-band “robot” with two clutches.