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Charles III set a condition for Prince Harry to be invited to his birthday The monarch will turn 75 years old. , Общество Charles III ordered to lower the temperature at Buckingham Palace Energy prices in Britain continue to rise. , Общество Taboo from stepmother:Queen Camilla opposed Prince Harry's return to London The monarch's wife does not want a family reunion. , Общество The best city in the world to live in is in Europe This title is awarded to the capital of a European country for the second year in a row. , Общество Prince Harry did not receive an invitation to the birthday of Charles III Do not wait at the celebration and his wife. , Общество Named three cities with the dirtiest air in the world Russia is not included in this list. , Общество Prince Harry accuses British media of tapping his phone The Duke of Sussex does not rule out going to court. , Общество Elon Musk announced the renaming of Twitter in the near future Rumors about this have been circulating for more than a week. , News Don't forget anything: packing your suitcase for vacation What should you take with you when going on vacation? Don't forget the good mood, and we'll tell you about the rest. , News The flame of the 2024 Olympics will be placed on the Eiffel Tower The organizers want to maximize the external effect. , News A puppy's first days in his new home It's an important day for your puppy as he separates from his mother and litter. To help him feel happy in his new home, follow these tips. , News Hubble captures impressive space caterpillar The Hubble Space Telescope still has surprises to uncover. , News New Mexico prosecutors drop charges against actor Alec Baldwin We are talking about an accidental shot that caused the death of cameraman Galina Hutchins. , News SpaceX starship takes off successfully but explodes during first undock The second trial launcher of Starship went a little further, but was not successfully completed. , News What the Moon Smells Like:Perfume will be on display at the Toulouse Museum A scent sculptor was commissioned to reproduce what the moon smells like, and he relied on the testimonies of astronauts to do so. , News How to win a cat's trust That cats choose their owners is a repeated phrase that is pretty much true because a cat is never with someone if it doesn't want to be. How to position a cat? Let's tell. , Общество Shiveluch volcano erupted in Kamchatka The eruption is potentially dangerous for air travel in the Kamchatka region due to the high altitude of ash emissions and plume clouds, , News Joe Biden intends to run for president of the United States in 2024 At the same time, the current U.S. leader is not yet ready to announce it. , News Why does a cat wrinkle me with its paws: reasons and their meaning Suddenly, your cat comes up to you and begins to knead your belly, leg, or other part of your body, moving its front paws rhythmically. , Общество