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Ecuador's first metro line opens Its length is about 23 kilometers. , News British museums stop using the word 'mummy' These institutions claim that its use is degrading and brings the UK back to its colonial past. , News Named the countries with the most slender inhabitants of the Earth The global problem of excess weight does not exist there. , Общество Chinese New Year: traditions and customs of the holiday Hundreds of millions of people around the world celebrate the Spring Festival and the advent of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit). , News Tulip Day celebrated in Amsterdam The national holiday opened the tulip season, which will last until April. , News Elizabeth II bequeathed to leave one title to the disgraced Prince Andrew The queen assumed that the new monarch would not spare her brother. , Общество 2023 will be one of the hottest years on record The warmest year recorded since 1850 is 2016, when the El Niño event in the Pacific increased global temperatures. , News Elon Musk beefs up personal security over fear of kidnapping The entrepreneur fears for his safety. , Общество Charles III plans to break centuries-old tradition at his own coronation The monarch is suspected of wanting to set his own rules of the game. , Общество Spanish woman registered as world's oldest woman Maria Bruna Moreira explains her longevity by calmness, support from family and friends, contact with nature, emotional stability, a lot of positive and lack of worries. , News From Ana de Armas to Austin Butler: BAFTA 2023 nominees announced The 76th ceremony for these awards will take place on February 19 next year. , News Prince William rules out reconciliation with brother Harry The Duke of Sussex has gone too far. , Общество In harmony with oneself: what can and cannot be done on Baptism One of the main Orthodox holidays is celebrated on the night of January 18-19. , Общество World's oldest woman dies in France aged 118 She was only a month short of her 119th birthday. , Общество Kate Middleton hinted at the presence of Prince Harry's mental problems The Princess of Wales knows more than she says. , Общество The British royal family has a new hotbed of tension The wife of the monarch wants to reduce the influence and popularity of her daughter-in-law. , Общество Prince Harry cut 'Spare' memoir out of fear of family According to the 38-year-old father of two, if he left some facts in the book, his father and brother would never forgive him. , Общество CharlesIII plans to invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the coronation This is confirmed by royal expert Katie Nicholl. , Общество Prince Harry responds to criticism of his stories about the royal family The 38-year-old son of Charles III believes that he is doing everything right, and his British relatives are to blame for this situation. , Общество