Environmental activists poured soup on the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece was attacked by vandals this morning. , News All 2024 Oscar Nominees Announced "Oppenheimer" leads with 13 nominations. , News Iceland has seen its largest volcanic eruption in half a century Authorities warn that the danger is not over yet. , News Frederick X is proclaimed King of Denmark Frederick X was proclaimed king of Denmark on January 14, 2024. His mother, Queen Margaret, had been on the throne for 52 years. , News Discovery announced partnership to create new film franchise in 2024 According to the actor, he is looking forward to making great films with the studio. , News Irina Viner has named her possible successors Alina Kabaeva was named the most likely candidate. , News A film was made about the Mercedes-Benz AMG One hypercar The film “Project One: A Milestone in Automotive History” will tell the story of the creation of one of the most legendary hypercars in the world. , News Choosing a kitten bedding: types and recommendations The right filler is key to your pet's health and positive mood. , News Prince Harry says he did not receive an invitation to King Charles III's 75 The Duke of Sussex has not remained aloof from the new lies being spread by the British press. , News Patrick Dempsey named world's sexiest man alive The 57-year-old actor humorously accepts the title given by People magazine , News Prince Harry declined an invitation from King Charles III 75 birthday The Duke refused to attend a family party thrown by his father , News 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards canceled The event was supposed to take place in Paris on November 5. , News