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Kim Kardashian sued a fan who thinks she's his wife A stubborn fan literally breaks into her house. , Lady Psychologist named the advantages of late motherhood Modern women are in no hurry to have children, preferring first to make a career. , Lady Anne Hathaway and her husband attended the Valentino show in Paris. To go out, the 40-year-old actress chose a leopard-colored total look. , Lady Pete Davidson and Chase Sue Wonders stopped hiding their relationships A couple strolls publicly, kissing and cuddling in the middle of a busy street. , Lady Paris Hilton's husband was found to have a bad paternal experience The other day the couple became parents. , Lady Loewe presented a collection based on the anime "Howl's Moving Castle" Things are created in tandem with Studio Ghibli. , Lady Emily Ratajkowski accused the paparazzi of destroying her personal life Reporters' cameras capture every step of the celebrity. , Lady Named the criterion for a happy marriage Scientists have found that a certain difference in the age of partners gives them a chance for a strong, happy relationship. , Lady Angelina Jolie closes women's charity The celebrity is no longer able to support the organization. , Lady Fans call 911 to Britney Spears' house Fans felt that the singer could again be manipulated by her close people. , Lady Images of Nike and Tiffany's new sneakers leaked online The shoes will go on sale this spring. , Lady The psychologist outlined the criteria for a happy family In families that outwardly seem ideal, peace and harmony do not always reign. But it is quite possible to let harmony into your life. , Lady Brad Pitt's new romance was predicted a wedding ending It seems that things between the artist and his new partner are very serious. , Lady Emily Ratajkowski shocked fans with 'Texas-sized' lips It seems that the beauty unsuccessfully experimented with her appearance. , Lady Rare but valuable: do modern girls need gentlemen Modern realities often force women and men to "reverse roles." The expert spoke about the dangers of such "reincarnations". , Lady Paris Hilton announces the birth of her first child Celebrity in seventh heaven with happiness. , Lady The psychologist told what women pay attention to in a relationship Ladies tend to focus on what men usually do not attach importance to. , Lady Drew Barrymore jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio's private life The actress spoke about men who continue to feel like youngsters with age. , Lady Princess Eugenie announced the imminent replenishment in the family A few years ago, the first child was born in the family. , Lady