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Regular and brown rice: their differences and which one is healthier In any case, it is a healthy food containing a large amount of nutrients. , Lady Tricks to cook rice and make it taste like in a restaurant We will give key recommendations for preparing delicious rice. , Lady Lush hairstyles are back: styling your hair like Kaia Gerber The 22-year-old model demonstrated an updated style known from the 60s. , Lady Elon Musk and Amber Heard had a “violent” relationship The 52-year-old businessman and billionaire spoke about his relationship with the actress in a new biography by Walter Isaacson. , Lady Dangerous delicacy: 7 foods that are best not to be abused According to the law of meanness, the food that many of us like is extremely unhealthy and insidious... , Lady Sweet dreams: 7 foods that help you fall asleep quickly Some products have a sedative effect, so they can serve as a natural and safe sleep aid. , Lady Lush hairstyles are making a comeback: styling your hair like Kaia Gerber The 22-year-old model showed off an updated style known from the 60s. , Lady Eat and lose weight: seven foods that speed up metabolism You can reduce the amount of fat by including them in your diet. , Lady Second chance in love: when is going back to your ex a good decision? Cycles of breakups and reconciliations are associated with decreased relationship quality and increased symptoms of depression and anxiety. , Lady How to find out if pants fit without trying them on A sure-fire technique used by fashion experts. , Lady Vivid images of stars at the Venice Film Festival The largest film forum has ended, but conversations about the presented outfits will continue for days to come. , Lady Chris Evans and Alba Baptista got married Until recently, the actor playing Captain America remained one of the most eligible bachelors. , Lady Stylish autumn: 10 key clothing trends These include metallic, floral print, black coat, white shirt, etc. , Lady 5 of the most recent “naked” dresses of the famous singer J.Lo Jennifer Lopez's heart is not only about music and concerts, but also about revealing outfits that highlight the curves of the singer's body. , Lady 3 effective home masks to restore the skin of hands after gardening These three masks will help restore smooth and soft skin. , Lady Image of the day: Charlize Theron at the opening of a boutique of the Swiss The 48-year-old actress chose an outfit in the style of the main trend of this year - "quiet luxury". , Lady Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner It was already known since past weekend that all was not well in their marriage. , Lady 5 great reasons to start running in the evenings You can run not only to lose weight, but also to increase physical and emotional health. , Lady Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet first appeared in public as a couple The stars attended Beyoncé's California concert as part of the Renaissance tour. , Lady