Ilon Musk announced a farewell to the bird on Twitter's logo The businessman confirmed the upcoming rebranding. , Бизнес George Soros to give up his business empire in favor of his son The oligarch wants to go headlong into politics. , Бизнес Disney lays off thousands of employees during second major wave of layoffs This time around, the company is shedding 4,000 employees out of 7,000 to save up to $5.5 billion. , Бизнес The Fanta logo has lost its unique shade of orange Coca-Cola has unveiled a new global corporate identity for Fanta. , Бизнес LG unveiled its new logo LG has created a logo capable of displaying 8 different faces. , Бизнес Twitter is disappeared as a company According to the court document, Twitter Inc., the parent company of the social networking site Twitter, "no longer exists." , Бизнес Elon Musk may merge Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX and the rest of his companies They may be merged into a parent company, X Holdings Corp. , Бизнес In February, global sales of computer chips fell to a 14-year low Chip sales in the last month of winter totaled $39.7 billion. , Бизнес India became the first country to oppose artificial intelligence regulation The government has announced that it will not pass laws preventing the development of AI because it considers it a "strategic area" , Бизнес Walmart to cut over 2,000 e-commerce warehouse jobs The company has asked its employees to seek employment elsewhere in the company. , Бизнес Virgin Orbit officially files for bankruptcy Hours after completing the layoff of 85% of its employees, Virgin Orbit officially filed for bankruptcy. Richard Branson's firm has lost more than $190 million in the last year. , Бизнес Barcode Turns 50: A Trade Revolution Half a century ago, the barcode was born, which today is read 6 billion times every day. , Бизнес