Lenovo presented a prototype of the first laptop with a transparent display The 17.3-inch Micro-LED display achieves transparency of up to 55%. , Hi-Tech Samsung has developed a new Galaxy Ring smart watch with a glucometer Samsung has entered the fray with Apple by introducing the Galaxy Ring watch with an innovative method of monitoring blood sugar - without puncturing the skin. , Hi-Tech How to remove ice from a car windshield Icing on your windshield is one of the problems that drivers face every winter, so it's important to know how to clean it quickly and properly. , Hi-Tech Forty years of the Macintosh Revolution The Mac, released by Apple on January 24, 1984, was the first mass-produced computer with a graphical interface available to any user. , Hi-Tech Fiction or reality:whether you can leave your cell phone charging overnight Leaving your cell phone charging overnight harms the battery - this is a common belief among users. , Hi-Tech Elon Musk commented on the first Neuralink implant surgery The patient underwent surgery on January 28th. , Hi-Tech We've got it: Aroma Speaker 60, which reproduces smell We've got it: Aroma Speaker 60 speakers, which reproduce smell. The unique Aroma Speaker 60 speakers, in addition to high-quality sound, are capable of transmitting more than 100 different unique aromas. , Hi-Tech Xiaomi launches Mijia smart eye massager The Mijia Smart Eye Massager is priced at US$63. , Hi-Tech Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ characteristics comparison Both the new products from Samsung come with a host of AI-powered features. , Hi-Tech Galaxy S24 Ultra: the new flagship of the Korean brand Samsung is repeating the formula with hardware and relying on artificial intelligence. , Hi-Tech One hope for a walk: Wimagine brain implant If all goes to plan, the development should allow paralyzed people to walk again. , Hi-Tech 10 most interesting and bizarre presentations A language-controlled peripheral, a retro virtual assistant and a ChatGPT-enabled bicycle are on the list of eccentricities. , Hi-Tech