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, author: Ermakova M.

Chery moved from words to action and presented photos of Jetour T-1

Chery, having announced the idea of a new Jetour T-1 SUV at the beginning of last year, has now presented a photo and some details, and the car will be officially presented in April this year at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Photo source: Jetour

Estimated time of the beginning of trade in cars of this brand is the 3rd quarter of this year. Previously, 5 models of Jetour T-1 with a gasoline engine cost from 22.1 thousand dollars to 27.6 thousand dollars and 2 hybrid models at a price of 29.1 thousand dollars to 30.6 thousand dollars.

The SUV was originally announced as the Jetour TX concept, but then they decided to rename it to the Jetour T-1. Models predict to become a rival of the Tank 300, a favorite of Chinese motorists.

Photo source: Jetour

2 versions of the Jetour T-1 will be available: a 5-seater with a length of about 4.8 m and a 7-seater with a length of 4.95 m. The exterior of the car will acquire chopped shapes, large bumpers, wide arches, and roof rails. All-wheel drive Jetour T-1 with 2.0 liters. turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine, the power of which is 254 liters. s, torque 390 Nm and 8-speed automatic transmission.

Photo source: Jetour

There is a prospect of launching Jetour models with a turbo engine and a hybrid with 6 liters. motor, but there is no talk of a full electric version yet. Jetour, Chery Automobile's rapidly expanding crossover brand, currently sells 13 different vehicle models, one of which is all-electric.

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