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, author: Ermakova M.

Tips on how to protect your car from theft

We will tell you the basic rules that you should follow in order to reduce the risk of stealing your "iron horse".

To minimize the risk and not become a victim of a crime, it is important to adhere to the basic rules.

Always lock doors with a key or set an alarm. Even if you left the car "for a minute." This oversight can be costly.

Do not leave the windows open even a few centimeters, given that the minimum gap can be used to open the car with a lockpick.

Never leave your car in isolated parking spaces, especially at night. In such unprotected places, numerous thefts are often committed.

Even if the car is not used every day, you should make sure that it is parked where it was left, as early notification of a possible theft increases the chances of finding it.

Be careful where you park. For example, if you find glass fragments on the pavement in a parking lot, this may be a problem area. Better to avoid it.

Try not to park in the same place all the time, as such "customs" can give a potential thief a lot of clues to organize a possible theft.

Beware of deception. Thieves are increasingly resorting to tricks such as faking a crash (faking a traffic accident or even a minor collision) to get drivers to stop, get out of the car.

Be careful when closing the machine. Sometimes remote locking is trusted 100%, for example in a shopping mall parking lot. It is advisable to make sure that the doors are really tightly closed. In these places, you can listen to the smart key signal and enter the car without any problems.

Protect your car with an anti-theft system, but above all a high-tech one. The first one can delay possible theft, but the more advanced one is more effective. For example, an RF system (which cannot be shielded and is active even in difficult connection situations, such as inside a container or underground parking) exponentially increases the likelihood of finding a car in the event of a theft.

Protect your car key. It is about preventing the smart car key from being cloned. This is the so-called relay attack, in which thieves use radio frequency repeaters to reproduce the connection between the car and your key, even when you are far away, it is necessary to use a protective film for the cards.

GPS locator. In order to prevent theft or return the car if this happens, it is recommended to install a GPS that transmits an RF signal to the police or security services after the theft is reported. Thus, the car will be easier to find.