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General Motors is testing a virtual assistant for its cars

The Chevrolet and Cadillac maker has an advantage in adopting this artificial intelligence thanks to a collaboration agreement with Microsoft.

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General Motors (GM) is already working on a virtual personal assistant based on the AI model that underpins ChatGPT. The company, which makes Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC vehicles, explained to Semafor that it will far surpass the currently available voice command feature.

A GM assistant can, for example, explain to you how to change a tire, make an appointment at the workshop, or explain what that little light flashing on the dashboard means. It can also be used to access information on how to use the vehicle's features, usually found in the owner's manual, or to program features such as the garage door code.

GM is leading the way in bringing chat-based artificial intelligence to its vehicles thanks to a collaboration agreement with Microsoft. The agreement was signed in 2021 with the aim of accelerating the commercialization of unmanned vehicles.

GM adapts ChatGPT AI to prevent breakdowns of its cars

"ChatGPT will be everywhere," GM Vice President Scott Miller told Reuters. Another company spokesperson insisted that the change was not just about improving the voice command feature. “This means that customers can now expect their future vehicles to be much more capable overall in terms of new technology,” he explained.

The voice-activated chatbot will use the Microsoft Azure cloud service. GM is working on an automotive version of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence model. They want to make sure they avoid some of the crashes reported by applications that have already implemented this technology created by OpenAI. The company has yet to share more details.