, author: Ermakova M.

Ford Explorer Electric: cheaper than Model Y and will be made in Europe

Ford has unveiled the Explorer, its new European-made electric vehicle. It will be a plus size car with a design inspired by the brand's American models.

For Europe, Ford has finally unveiled its new Explorer electric car. With this presentation, the long wait for a meeting with the "reinvented" model, which the American automaker was causing a lot of noise, ended.

Before the event, some images of the prototype were already known, which suggested where its lines would go. Finally, it is an oversized vehicle whose design is based on models from the brand's historic catalog in North America.

The new Ford Explorer Electric is notable for being the company's first vehicle to enter mass production in Cologne, Germany, from the middle of this year. But not only that, but also the fact that he is the first car of the brand, developed on the Volkswagen MEB platform; i.e. the same as ID.4.

Just as the Ford Explorer is attractive on the outside, thanks to its "American traits", it also stands out on the inside. The new electric car boasts a 17-liter center column mega console with a 15-inch vertical display that can be raised and lowered to reveal more storage spaces.

It features a seven-speaker audio system with a soundbar above the steering wheel and is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; in both cases wirelessly.

The seats are made from vegan leather in a one-piece design. This means that the headrest is integrated. In addition, they are equipped with heating and massagers, features that come as standard in both cases.

New electric Ford Explorer goes official

The new Ford Electric will be available in two versions: Explorer and Explorer Premium; the latter with a panoramic roof. In addition, they will be offered with three powertrain options, with a power equivalent to 186 hp. (rear-wheel drive), 282 hp (rear-wheel drive) or 335 hp (four-wheel drive).

Ford estimates that the range on the WLTP cycle could be about 500 kilometers. In any case, what battery options will be available has not yet been disclosed. The manufacturer claims that the car will be able to recharge from 10 to 80% in just 25 minutes. Thus, it is assumed that the power of the batteries can be between 52 and 77 kWh, which is in line with what Volkswagen offers in its vehicles built on the MEB platform.

Meanwhile, if we dwell on the dimensions, according to the official data sheet, it is 4.46 meters long, 1.87 meters wide and 1.60 meters high.

Another aspect where the new Ford Explorer Electric will not fall behind is capacity. The car will have a boot capacity of 470 liters, but with the seats folded down, the available space can be increased to 1,400 liters.

Of course, Ford did not miss the opportunity to show off that the electric Explorer is equipped with 12 ultrasonic sensors, as well as three radars and five cameras. In terms of driving aids, the car has technologies such as adaptive cruise control (IACC), Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Collision Warning System.

Availability and price

Reservations for the electric Ford Explorer will begin later this year, with the first vehicles expected to hit dealerships in late 2023 for show purposes. Full-scale production and customer deliveries are planned for 2024.

It will be available in six different colors including two new shades called Arctic Blue and Blue My Mind. While there will be three options for rims: 19, 20 or 21 inches.

Although the price has not been officially determined, Ford says the new electric Explorer will cost less than 45,000 euros. The final figure is expected to be confirmed towards the end of the year.