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, author: Plackhin A.

The Voyah electric crossover from Dongfeng Motor is coming

Prices for the luxury SUV Voyah Free will start, in our regions, from the mark of $51,480.05. The SUV will be available at dealers as early as 2023

The Voyah Free officially premiered in the Middle Kingdom back in 2020. The luxury crossover is based on the ESSA architecture. The platform, specially developed for electric cars, provides for a double wishbone suspension on the front axle and a multi-link on the rear.

The Chinese guys decided not to rush for the ideal appearance of the novelty themselves, but to trust it to the specialists of the prestigious atelier Italdesign. Due to this, the SUV has a hood with smooth transitions and aggressive LED lights, placed on the edges of the massive panel, playing the role of the grille in the style of Maserati. All of this is neatly packaged in an athletic bumper with three air vents. The exclusive silhouette is reminiscent of the image of the models in the shooting brake body. This effect is achieved thanks to the shape of the rear pillars and the sloping glass of the trunk lid, under which there is a homogeneous strip of lights with the original graphic signature and the letter brand name in the center. The refined character is emphasized by the contoured glossy frame.

The refined interior of the Voyah Free is represented by a huge display enclosed between the side air deflectors. Physical keys are present only on the steering wheel and in the door cards. The arsenal of expensive versions includes 4-zone climate system, armchairs with massage, active cruise control and an impressive set of electronic assistants to a driver.

The maximum configuration includes two-engine power unit with one electric motor on each axis. The total output is an impressive 680 horsepower and 1000 Nm. Such figures allow Voyah Free to jump from a place to the first "hundred km/h" in 4.8 seconds and accelerate to the limit of 200 km/h.