, author: Ermakova M.

Everything you need to know when buying an electric car

Details you probably didn't know about the electric car

Electric vehicles are all the rage and more and more, major cities around the world are seeing an interesting rise in this type of vehicle and you might be thinking about buying one. But apart from the fact that it is “electric”, this type of car has some features that you may not have known about.

They drive like self-driving cars

Electric vehicles don't have a gearbox or clutch, so they handle just like an automatic car. However, there are slight differences between both types of cars, for example, the initial force is greater than that of a convulsive car, that is, its launch is stronger and faster; that is why it is recommended to start cautiously and gradually accelerate.

Be careful with heating

In an internal combustion vehicle, the temperature should not exceed 22 degrees, so as not to increase fuel consumption; on the other hand, in an electric car, it should be taken into account that the use of heating or climate control system depends on driving, so experts recommend using automatic connection systems.

EV charging.

Photo source: freepik.com

Charging time

While it is true that every time electric vehicles have more autonomy and less time to recharge, this is a detail that we must consider, especially if we have never had an electric car. We must be aware that an electric car will take a special time to recharge its batteries. Currently, there are many recharging points that we must first identify.