, author: Plackhin A.

Tips for cleaning car upholstery

Homemade tricks for removing stains from car seats that are hard to come off.

Undoubtedly, it's best to send your car to a comprehensive car wash so it doesn't have stains or dirt that strong cleaners can resist. But sometimes it is possible to deal with the contamination of car seats yourself. Let us tell you what to do if you accidentally spilled coffee or children touched the seats with "chocolate" hands. There is a simple and quick solution.

Coffee stains.

Of course, they are the most common. To remove coffee stains, all you need is cold water and homemade glass cleaner. Apply it to the stain: once the water dries, the stain will disappear.

Chocolate stains

To remove chocolate stains, you will only need a damp cloth and liquid soap, you will also need a hard wipe, and once the water dries, the stain will disappear.

Makeup stains.

If your car turns into a makeup salon because you're in a hurry, it's almost inevitable that an "accident" will occur that will eventually stain your upholstery. The solution is a wet rag and laundry detergent (mild); you rub them in hard, and once the water dries, the stain is gone.

Grease stains.

These are also one of the most common, as many people often take a bite out of their car. To remove this type of stain, you'll need to use a rag, warm water, and kitchen grease remover. Wipe down the stain. After the water dries, the stain will be gone.

Chewing Gum.

This stain is the hardest to remove, but luckily, nothing is impossible. We need to cool the "affected" area with ice, and once the chewing gum residue has cooled, we remove it with any device, remembering to be very careful and do it slowly.