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, author: Ermakova M.

Driving with less than 5 hours is dangerous

However, driving with less than five hours of sleep cannot be monitored through information campaigns or spot checks.

Driving without enough sleep can be very dangerous. Just like drunk driving. Although there is a difference between the two facts. The number of road traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers has significantly decreased over the past few years, while in other cases there is no difference.

This is because campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving have paid off. In particular, two measures work. On the one hand, more and more explicit advertising about the consequences of traffic accidents. And on the other hand, checks during which drivers pass selective tests.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any campaigns to raise awareness about the effects of fatigue while driving. Also, it's not something that can be measured with something as simple as a breathalyzer.

It is possible to give up a bad habit, but it is not always possible to get enough sleep. By driving in a sleepy state, we reduce the reaction time to danger, which increases the likelihood of an accident. It also reduces concentration and, as a result, increases distractions. In addition, decisions are made more slowly and more mistakes are made.

When asleep, the muscles are more relaxed and the movements are slower, such as when turning the steering wheel or pressing the pedals. This makes actions more automatic and makes it harder to respond to unexpected situations.

We also cannot forget that there is a disturbance of the senses and perception. This, combined with certain behavioral changes, can be very dangerous.

And finally, microsleeps are possible, which can be fatal.

It has been proven that if you sleep less than 4 hours, the probability of an accident increases 15 times. On the other hand, the risk doubles if you get 4 to 5 hours of sleep compared to someone who slept before driving.

It is clear that solutions need to be found. But it's not easy. What about people who suffer from insomnia or those who work at night? The solution is difficult, but you need to try to find it. At least as far as possible, "if you're drinking, don't drive" should be expanded to "if you haven't slept well."