, author: Ermakova M.

How to react when your car rolls over: important life-saving tips

One of the most common situations when a car rolls over onto the roof. At this point, we must take into account some important details.

In many rollover accidents, the most serious injury to the driver and his passengers occurs when they want to get out of the car quickly, or when trying to help the victims, injuring them in the process. That's why knowing how to react in situations like this is extremely important.

Keep calm

Although it is difficult to remain calm after an accident, we should try to do so, because nerves and despair can become our worst enemy in this situation.

Immobilize yourself

A sudden movement can aggravate any injury received, because we still do not know whether they are or not, because in a state of shock, injuries are not always perceived. If the accident is very serious and there is no danger of explosion or fire, it is best to seek professional help.

Focus on your feelings

Sight and smell are our best allies in these cases. Smell to feel the fuel spill, which is an imminent danger and requires a quick response; and vision to analyze everything around us - what are the chances of getting out on our own or would it be better to wait for help.

Be careful when trying to get out of the car

If you need to quickly leave the car due to impending danger, take into account some important details. We must carefully unfasten the seat belt or cut it if the case requires it, as we can fall sharply, hit our heads, and also injure our spine. Position your hands so that your body slowly "slides" onto the surface of the roof of the car. Also, look around carefully when opening the door, because another car may pass by, and as a result, you may be knocked down.

Additional data

• You should know that if you are wearing a seat belt in the event of a rollover, you are 77% more likely to have minor injuries or survive.

• In a rollover, the most common injuries are to the head, neck and spine.

• In the event of a rollover, the airbag helps reduce impact and injury.

• Some modern car models have a very low roof, choose a car with a stronger structure.