, author: Ermakova M.

Mitsubishi eK Space 2023 will be available for purchase in May

Mitsubishi eK Space 2023 will be available for purchase by car enthusiasts, in the Land of the Rising Sun, a purchase can be made starting from the last week of May, the cost of a car is from 11,500 to 13,400 dollars.

Parameters Mitsubishi eK Space length is 3.395 m, width is 1.475 m, height is 1.8 m, and the novelty weighs 1060 kg. All-wheel drive and front-wheel drive models are offered with an engine capacity of 0.66 liters. and a power of 52 horsepower in the atmospheric version, and a 64-horsepower engine in the turbocharged version, both with a CVT.

The redesigned Mitsubishi eK Space features a 3D-patterned grille, a different bumper, the base version will have full LED headlights and 14-inch wheel covers.

The interior of the microvan of the original finish, seat belts at the rear seats with pretensioners. The rearview mirror is complemented by a display that reproduces pictures from a camera installed at the back.

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