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Nio ET5 Touring will be available to everyone on June 15th

The latest Chinese car from Nio - ET5 Touring - continues to take over the world: in a few weeks it will be available for purchase in any country.

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The Nio ET5 Touring is a combi (station wagon) version of the famous Nio ET5 sedan, which began deliveries in China in October 2022, and will arrive at all global car dealerships this summer.

In 2023, the ET5 sedan was also launched in European markets. Soon the ET5 Touring will accompany its brother. Its official launch is scheduled for June 15, and the first deliveries will begin within a month. Unexpectedly, it became known that the Nio ET5 Touring will be the first to reach Chinese buyers. Let's get to the details.

Nio ET5 Touring launch and deliveries

Nio recently shared a cryptic announcement on their official website with the official slogan "Inspired by Life". In the image, we can see the interior of what is believed to be the Nio ET5 Touring. At the bottom of the image, we can also notice the inscription "Witnesses to the launch of our next chapter" and the date "06/15/2023".

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So it's not hard to guess that this announcement is timed to coincide with the international launch of the ET5 Touring. This didn't come as much of a surprise as the car received production approval from the Chinese regulator and its promotional shoot began in Europe.

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Moreover, Nio ET5 Touring was recently spotted in Holland with a windmill in the background. What's more, we see Ben Collins (Top Gear pundit 2003-2010) standing next to the ET5 Touring, possibly filming a video for his YouTube channel called Drivetribe. We will keep a close eye on updates on his channel. We will probably get a video after the official launch.

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Nio ET5 and swap station in Europe

Going back to the launch of the Nio ET5 Touring, it was said that it would start deliveries in June 2023, which is very soon. But according to industry insiders, it will ship first in China.

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Recall that it was previously said that the ET5 Touring is designed specifically for the European market. But, as we see now, Chinese buyers will get this car first. In fact, there are some reasons for this.

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One of them is the ET5 Touring homologation process in Europe, which takes a long time. On the other hand, this car has received all the approvals for the Chinese market. So just start delivering to China faster, because we know that speed is everything in today's automotive market.

Nio ET5 Touring Facts

Now let's briefly describe the Nio ET5 Touring. In size, it is equal to its native sedan. Its exact dimensions are 4790/1960/1499 mm with a wheelbase of 2888 mm. For clarity, it is 77mm longer, 133mm wider and 57mm taller than the BMW 3 Series Touring. The ET5 Touring can also tow up to 1400kg.

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As for the power unit, it has the only option with a 490 hp twin-engine 4WD drive. Recall that the ET5 sedan and the recently released ES6 NT2 received the same power. In terms of batteries, the ET5 Touring received three options: a 75kWh LFP (NMC-LFP) hybrid ternary, a 100kWh ternary, and a 150kWh semi-solid-state battery (series production will begin in July).

Editor's comment

We see how much Nio wants to succeed in the European market. Of course, deliveries of the ET5 Touring will start in China first. But station wagons are extremely unpopular here. On the other hand, it is one of the most popular body types in Europe. So, along with powerful motors, high-capacity battery options, and battery swappability, the ET5 Touring could grab a lot of attention.

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According to Autocar, the Nio ET5 Touring will be sold in the UK under the name "ET5 Orion". Moreover, they reported that the ET5 wagon will hit the UK market in 2024. We are unable to confirm this rumor at this time as a Nio representative did not respond to our request for comment regarding this. Either way, it looks like the official launch on June 15th will be full of surprises.