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VW Tiguan 2024: interior, European powertrain options and more

The latest Volkswagen Tiguan with the ICE engine features more elegant styling, larger screens and vastly improved PHEV options.

Photo source: carscoops.com

In typical Volkswagen style, the third-generation Tiguan made its first public appearance in QR-code-inspired camouflage before its official launch this fall.

The automaker also revealed the SUV's interior and spoke about the powertrain lineup and upgraded chassis.

Photo source: carscoops.com

We are already quite familiar with the new generation Volkswagen Tiguan thanks to numerous restyling and accurate renderings. Nevertheless, the official teasers are the best look at the redesigned model. The body is curvier than its predecessor, with gracefully sculpted fenders.


The new front end uses stylistic elements of the ID line, and a full-width LED strip connects the optional IQ Light HD matrix headlights. The large center bumper air intake is framed by thin air vents. This style will gradually find its way into other future models, including the updated Golf and the new Passat. The tail features Nivus-style taillights and a full-size reflector built into the rear bumper.

Photo source: carscoops.com


A completely redesigned interior has been shown in teasers, though photos are taken from pre-production prototypes. The centerpiece is a freestanding 15-inch infotainment touchscreen, borrowed from the ID.7, with illuminated sliders and shortcuts for easier navigation of settings.

Photo source: carscoops.com

It is reported that the lower trims will have a slightly smaller 12.9-inch unit. According to VW, the new system is more intuitive and was designed with customer feedback in mind. The infotainment system can also be controlled with a new rotary knob on the center console, which has its own mini-screen.

Photo source: carscoops.com

The digital dashboard has a curved housing that reaches the doors with climate control deflectors. Other highlights include the return of physical buttons to the steering wheel, the replacement of much-criticized touch controls and the automatic shift lever, which has been moved behind the steering wheel. The automaker talks about using "high-quality materials" and "effective noise isolation," which can be further improved with an optional "acoustic package."


In addition to adding more technology, the new Tiguan is also more pumped up than the model it replaces, offering 10 mm (0.4 inches) of extra headroom in the rear and a trunk capacity of 648 liters (22.9 cubic feet), which is 33 liters (1.2 cubic feet) more than before. Finally, the optional ergoActive driver and front passenger seats feature heated, ventilated, four-way lumbar adjustment and a 10-chamber massage function.

Photo source: carscoops.com

Модернизированные основы

Базовая платформа

VW Tiguan 2024 года для европейского рынка основан на архитектуре MQB Evo, модернизированной версии старой базы. Третье поколение имеет длину 4551 мм (179,2 дюйма), ширину 1939 мм (76,3 дюйма) и высоту 1640 мм (64,6 дюйма). Это делает его на 32 мм (1,3 дюйма) длиннее и на 5 мм (0,2 дюйма) выше по сравнению с предыдущей моделью, сохраняя при этом ту же ширину и колесную базу 2681 мм (105,5 дюйма).

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Силовой агрегат

Линейка силовых агрегатов будет включать в себя мягкий гибридный бензиновый двигатель 1.5 eTSI, бензиновый двигатель 2.0 TSI, дизельный двигатель 2.0 TDI, а также два варианта eHybrid PHEV, хотя производительный флагман Tiguan R не был включен в анонс. Два PHEV будут производить 201 л.с. (150 кВт / 204 л.с.) и 268 л.с. (200 кВт / 272 л.с.) соответственно, но изюминкой является более крупная батарея на 18,5 кВтч, которая совместима с зарядкой постоянным током и запасом хода с нулевым уровнем выбросов примерно до 100 км (62 мили).


Все силовые агрегаты будут сочетаться исключительно с автоматической коробкой передач DSG, что согласуется с недавним сообщением о том, что VW прекращает использование механической коробки передач в своей линейке. Новый Tiguan также будет доступен с опциональной адаптивной двухклапанной подвеской DCC Pro, предлагающей 15 различных уровней регулировки от мягкого (Комфорт) до жесткого (Спорт).

Photo source: carscoops.com

Market prospects

The market launch of the latest VW Tiguan with ICE engine is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024 in Europe. The North American Tiguan, which is likely to be equipped with an extended wheelbase, will likely be released later, with specific details to be announced later.

The final VW Tiguan with the ICE engine is scheduled for market launch in Europe in the first quarter of 2024. The North American 2025 Tiguan, which is expected to feature an lengthened wheelbase, will likely be unveiled later, with more specific details to be announced in due course.