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New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: accelerated debut, increased size and power

Technical details are still unknown, but the new Prado could inherit a lot from the Land Cruiser 300 and Lexus GX.

Photo source: Andrew Guerrero / TopGear

Toyota promises to give a New Year's Eve surprise to all Land Cruiser Prado fans by launching sales earlier than expected.

Toyota is defying expectations: the new Land Cruiser Prado promises to arrive in showrooms around the world right by this winter. Previously, it was officially announced that the vehicle would roll off the assembly line no earlier than 2024.

But why wait until 2024? Toyota decides to surprise us by releasing the next-generation Land Cruiser Prado noticeably earlier than planned. Internal sources of Japanese media with insider information suggest that the debut of the new model could take place as early as the end of this year. Such a development would surely surprise, wouldn't it?

More size, more space: the Prado is getting bigger

Render of the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Photo source: Andrew Guerrero / TopGear

Space and comfort are synonymous with luxury, and Toyota is well aware of this. The new Land Cruiser Prado gets even bigger dimensions, expanding by an astonishing 75mm in length (making a total length of 4,900mm), 35mm in width (reaching a staggering 1,920mm) and increasing by 50mm in height (with a proud 1,900mm in the pocket). With its new dimensions, this SUV is ready to provide unprecedented freedom and comfort in your travels.

Mystical contours and technical aspects of the new Prado

Although the official look of the new Prado is still shrouded in a veil of mystery, our imagination continues to run wild. Andrew Guerrero, a talented artist and Top Gear Philippines representative, offered his vision of the vehicle. His renderings show the new Prado in GR Sport style, following in the footsteps of its powerful big brother, the Land Cruiser 300.

Guerrero's creation looks absolutely amazing, combining aesthetic appeal with the unrivaled power we've come to expect from the Prado lineup. There is a noticeable indirect link to the elegance and style of the Land Cruiser 300 in this new design, while retaining the unique character of the Prado. This gives us a hint of what to expect from the design of the new Prado when Toyota finally removes the veil of secrecy.

Ahead of the new Prado's debut, questions about its specifications are hovering in the air. And while Toyota is keeping the details under wraps, we have some speculation based on the new Prado's technical kinship with the recently refreshed


Render of the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Photo source: Andrew Guerrero / TopGear

Given this connection, the new Prado may well inherit Lexus' powerful and efficient engines: an impressive 2.4-liter turbo-hybrid and a potent 3.5-liter twin-supercharged V6. These engines offer an exceptional combination of power, performance and fuel efficiency, making them the ideal choice for the new Prado.

But what about the diesel variant? The possibility of its introduction is still the subject of heated speculation. While many fans of the brand are expecting a diesel version, Toyota is yet to confirm this information. Thus, we are left waiting, watching for further developments and preparing for the arrival of the new Prado.