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BYD produces 6 millionth NEV - Fang Cheng Bao 5

The Chinese automaker has increased its capacity so much that a new car is now rolling off its production lines every 8 seconds.

Photo source: BYD

The six millionth NEV from BYD rolled off the assembly line in China the other day. This is the Fang Cheng Bao (FCB) Bao 5 SUV, which was launched on November 9th. BYD took only three months to produce 1 million new "new energy" NEV vehicles (BEV+PHEV), indicating an increase in production volume.

BYD production is gaining momentum

BYD currently has nine passenger vehicle factories across China. These factories are located in Xi'an (Shaanxi Province), Jinan (Shandong Province), Zhengzhou (Henan Province), Changzhou (Jiangsu Province), Xiangyang (Hubei Province), Hefei (Anhui Province), Changsha (Hunan Province), Fuzhou. (Jiangxi Province) and Shenzhen (Guangdong Province). These factories supply cars to 58 countries, including China. Moreover, BYD plans to build factories in Thailand, Brazil, etc.

BYD's Zhengzhou plant produced its six millionth NEV today. Apparently, this is the newly released FCB Bao 5, which started shipping a few days ago. The Zhengzhou plant also assembles BYD Seal.

In comparison, since the launch of BYD Fr DM in 2008, it took BYD 13 years to produce 1 million NEV. They crossed the threshold of the second million NEV much faster - in 12 months. The third million took only 6 months. BYD then added 2 million vehicles produced in 9 months. Now BYD continues to accelerate towards producing the 6 millionth NEV. BYD ceased production of internal combustion engine vehicles in April 2022, focusing solely on the production of environmentally friendly "new energy" cars.

Шестимиллионным автомобилем BYD стал Fang Cheng Bao 5.

Photo source: BYD

Fang Cheng Bao Bao 5: Quick Review

FCB Bao 5 (Leopard 5) is BYD's latest SUV. It is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) built on the DMO platform. It is available for purchase in the price range of 289,800 – 352,800 yuan (40,830 – 49,690 US dollars).

The dimensions of the FCB Bao 5 are 4890/1970/1920 mm with a wheelbase of 2800 mm. Its ground clearance is 220 mm. Also available with Disus-P suspension, which increases ground clearance to 310 mm. Bao 5 has two electric motors and a 1.5-liter internal combustion engine. Its peak power reaches 505 kW (687 hp). The combined "flight range" of Bao 5 reaches 1200 km according to CLTC standards.


NEV is a type of car whose engine runs on new energy sources. The term is most often used in China, indicating cars that are subject to government support and subsidies. NEV vehicles include electric vehicles and various types of hybrids.