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The GMC Sierra EV (2023) is the luxury counterpart of the Hummer

Electric pickups are as popular in the U.S. now as their gasoline ancestors were in the last century

The GMC Sierra EV has come to join the company with the electric Hummer, as well as to add competition with the Ford "Lightning" and other electric pickups, which have already gained a huge army of fans across the ocean. The novelty is built on the Ultium architecture, from the recently announced Chevrolet Silverado EV.

GMC Sierra EV AT 4

Naturally, the designers paid a lot of attention to the appearance of the electric pickup. The front is crowned by two-level headlights with a complex shape. The radiator grille was replaced by a shaped deaf panel. Brutality is added by a relief hood, notches on the body profile and angular wheel arches. The off-road style is emphasized by massive side steps. GMC Sierra EV will be available to customers with a non-alternative two-row cabin. The cargo compartment can carry 590 kg of cargo, as well as tow a trailer weighing 4.3 tons..

Роскошный салон

The interior of the GMC Sierra EV is notable for its expensive trim materials in all configurations. The seats, dashboard, door cards and center tunnel are finished in genuine leather with aluminum inserts. The digital instruments are located on the 11-inch display. The entire center console is occupied by a 16.8-inch multimedia touchscreen, at the bottom of which is integrated climate control unit. The older version also has a 14-inch projection screen. In addition to recharging gadgets, the pickup is equipped with a lot of outlets for connecting power tools and charging other electric cars.

Вместительная платформа

The electric car is powered by two electric motors on the front and rear axle. With a combined output of 764 horsepower and 1,064 Nm, it can hit the first 60 mph in an incredible 4.5 seconds. The model inherits a crab gait, air suspension and Super Cruise autopilot, which allows you to leave the steering wheel for a while.

Три модификации

The GMC Sierra EV has a unique battery pack that will enable it to cover a distance of 604 km on a single charge. The high-voltage terminal will replenish the charge level for the next 160 km in just 10 minutes.

Прицеп в 4

The production lines for the novelty will be launched at Factory Zero, located near Detroit. The first production copies should appear at the beginning of 2024. Initially on the market will be a premium version of the Denali Edition 1, for 107 thousand dollars, the equivalent of 6 573 000 rubles. A little later, there will be a modification Sierra AT4, and in 2025 you can get a base variant Elevation, which will be priced at half the cost of the top pickup.

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