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Beauty gadgets for home care

A selection of effective beauty gadgets for home beauty rituals.

Skin care is a rather complex and lengthy process. For more intensive and high-quality care, only cosmetics are not always enough, so you need to add gadgets to your beauty routine. Our selection includes various beauty gadgets, the use of which is aimed at solving various aesthetic and cosmetic problems.

Microcurrent therapy for a lifting effect

The microcurrent procedure will help create a lifting effect, restore a clear facial contour and improve skin tone. Such gadgets work on the principle of an anti-shock system, that is, they measure the resistance of the epidermis to electricity and regulate the power of microcurrents. To achieve the maximum effect, you must use the gadget regularly.

By the way, the work of microcurrents can shorten the duration of the effect of the BTA procedure. Before using a beauty gadget, consult your beautician!

GLED mask to improve skin tone, refine pores and increase elasticity

Masks with radiation instantly remove redness and inflammation on the skin, and in a matter of minutes return the face to a healthy and rested look. The gadget works on the principle of LED therapy - light affects the skin. Masks work in three modes, each of which is aimed at solving a specific problem. Blue light cleanses the skin and fights inflammation, red helps to increase elasticity and improve skin turgor. Green mode evens out the tone of the face and gives it the effect of radiance "from the inside".

Cleansing massager

An effective and effective combination of cleanser and gadget pulsation helps to remove the maximum amount of dirt and sebum, as well as unclog pores. The intense pulsation of the gadget during washing helps to tone and stimulate the muscles of the face, neck and give the skin a natural glow.

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