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Trends of recent years, current formats, a new look at the office

The office format of work has not lost its relevance, despite alternative options. There is a transformation of office spaces, their adaptation to new conditions.

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The design of the office, its functionality, rationality in the organization of space are the most important links for the foundation of the effective work of the team. In the last couple of years, offices have faced new challenges, as well as serious competition: now an alternative is increasingly appearing in the form of remote work. At the same time, the offline format also holds its positions, but is forced to adapt to current requests. The office should be comfortable, and a well-thought-out and competently implemented project is the key to increasing efficiency, to improving the overall atmosphere in the team. Commercial objects need to be given maximum attention, taking into account all the nuances.

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The specifics of the organization of office spaces

Let's go over some key points. They largely determine the features of the organization of modern office space. Designers pay attention to them at the stage of creating a project, craftsmen and engineers.

  • Versatile ergonomics. In the office space, it is important to maintain comfort, to provide sufficient space for each employee. It’s good if everyone feels like part of a single team. But personal space also plays an important role.
  • One of the trends is the mobility of all basic elements. The office turns into a kind of constructor: everything can be easily moved and assembled in a new place. This is a good solution when there is a need to quickly change the location.
  • Brand presence in the project. The question is ambiguous, but often it is resolved in the affirmative. Own recognizable style is a positive factor. Employees feel like part of a large company, a serious matter. The importance of work itself is increasing. This is no longer an abstract work, but a specific ideology embodied in tangible “anchors” – the corresponding symbolism of the brand, organization.
  • Aesthetics, functionality and safety. The office should maintain a working atmosphere, but at the same time, increased requirements are also placed on the interior. Decorating with modern aesthetics will make the space more comfortable and pleasant. The safety requirements that have been developed in recent years should also be observed: this is how employees feel protected, protected from risks.

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There are no limits to perfection on the way to the improvement of office complexes: new challenges and new requirements constantly appear. And large employers, company owners are ready to focus on modern demands. Investments in adaptation are fully justified here, since they have an extremely positive effect on labor productivity.

Trends 2021 – 2022

Experts monitor the most important transformations in the understanding of office spaces and their organization. Analytical data allow us to draw conclusions about new trends, about a positive effect, and highlight the most significant trends.

Work and communications

At the moment, the versatility of the workplace is becoming an important trend. It's time to push the boundaries, to transform the perception of the labor format. The current direction is maximum comfort, the opportunity to relax directly in the space of the office, business center. Separate projects of cafes and relaxation zones are being developed.

You can combine work and communication: in their free time, employees communicate, have lunch and relax without leaving the office. This is especially convenient to do during breaks designed for rest and meals. A rational solution to the problem of movement, when it is quite difficult to have time to go to lunch and return on time.

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Smart office systems

Many are familiar with the smart home format, and now the trend has moved to office spaces. The range of up-to-date communication systems will provide additional comfort and safety, and will allow rational use of resources. Digital sensors control the space, react to the given indicators: these are movements and temperature, light level and air quality, and many other parameters.

Environmental efficiency

Office spaces are becoming "green", they comply with exceptionally high environmental standards. This includes up-to-date energy-efficient solutions, air purification systems, landscaping, as well as separate waste collection. The trend towards environmental friendliness at the international level is gradually being introduced, when the office receives a special official certificate. This is a guarantee of better working conditions for employees, and the space becomes safe and comfortable.

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Undoubtedly, each office space organization project must take into account its specificity and functionality, the features of the work of the team, its composition, the characteristics of the space itself and the brand. There are no trifles here.

Instead of a resume

Any research in this area cannot be called complete, exhaustive: every day new key factors, current trends and transformations are born. It is necessary to adapt office spaces to the next requests on a regular basis. The workplace of an employee of a status company should always remain modern, comfortable and functional. And this will certainly give positive results - increasing labor productivity.