, author: Plackhin A.

Twitter is disappeared as a company

According to the court document, Twitter Inc., the parent company of the social networking site Twitter, "no longer exists."

Twitter Inc., the company that Elon Musk acquired in October 2022, no longer exists. This was stated by the company in a recent lawsuit related to a lawsuit filed by Laura Loomer, a far-right activist who accused the aforementioned company of violating federal extortion laws after her account was banned in 2019.

"Twitter, Inc. has been merged with X Corp. and no longer exists," said a statement released last April 4. It also mentions that X Corp. is a private company and its parent company is X Holdings Corp. Ilon Musk, who owns both companies, has not officially mentioned anything about that, although the tycoon, according to Slate, registered as many as three companies in April 2022 with essentially the same name: Holdings I, Holdings II and Holdings II.

It was these three companies that Musk used to complete his purchase of Twitter. Specifically, X Holdings I acted as the parent company, while X Holdings II was a subsidiary company to merge with Twitter, although Musk allegedly agreed to retain the social network's corporate identity and, therefore, the Twitter brand. X Holdings III, on the other hand, was the company tasked with taking out a $13 billion loan that Musk had to ask various organizations to move forward with the purchase of the social network.

Later, after the merger with Twitter, X Holdings II disappeared, and thus Twitter Inc. became a subsidiary of X Holdings I until at least March 2023, when Elon Musk incorporated X Holdings Corp. and X Corp. A few weeks later, the tycoon wanted to merge his various companies.