, author: Ermakova M.

The Fanta logo has lost its unique shade of orange

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new global corporate identity for Fanta.

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new global corporate identity for its Fanta soda brand. Designed under the leadership of Coca-Cola's global design team, they brought together an entire creative village to update the design system.

Fanta, the second oldest brand of Cola, has been distinguished around the world for a long time. Starting this year, Atlanta-based Coca-Cola will provide Fanta with the same unifying approach it has previously taken with the Coca-Cola and Sprite brands.

The updated corporate identity has become bright, colorful and exuberant. The new logo has updated the dictionary sign, simplified it and removed the orange circle and green leaf. It is also complemented by delightful illustrations of fruit to match the taste, splashing and expelling drops of liquid, sometimes accompanied by other images such as diamonds and lightning bolts. The backdrop is vibrant colors inspired by the dozens of Fanta fragrances available worldwide.