, author: Ermakova M.

The first Zara Café opened in Dubai

The Spanish mid-priced brand took advantage of the idea of luxury clothing companies.

Photo source: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

In the largest shopping complex in Dubai - Mall of Emirates - a store of the famous Spanish brand Zara opened after reconstruction. And with it the world's first Zara Cafe.

Decorated in the latest design trends and retail aesthetics, the space now gives shoppers the opportunity to take a break from browsing and trying on models and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and dessert.

The concept of bringing shopping and gastronomy closer together is not new. A few years ago, luxury clothing brands, mainly French, put this idea into practice and thereby increased sales. Mid-priced apparel retailer Zara also believes an in-store café will enhance the overall shopping experience by making it a leisurely, memorable experience.