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Scientists have determined when humanity will be able to defeat poverty

According to the report, the world's five richest people have doubled their wealth since 2020, while nearly five billion people around the world have slipped further into poverty

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It takes about 230 years to eradicate poverty, according to an Inequality Inc. report released Monday by Oxfam International. According to the report, the world's five richest people have doubled their fortunes since 2020, while 5 billion people in the world have become poorer.

The organization said in a statement that since 2020, the fortunes of the world's five richest people, who according to Forbes' list are Ilon Musk, Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg, have increased from $405 billion to $869 billion.

"We are witnessing the beginning of a decade of divisiveness, with billions of people suffering the economic consequences of pandemics, inflation and wars, while the fortunes of billionaires are skyrocketing," said Amitabh Behar, interim executive director of Oxfam International.

In addition, he stressed that such inequality is not accidental and that the rich are pushing for corporations to bring them more wealth at the expense of everyone else by laying off workers, evading taxes, privatizing the state and causing climate collapse.

At the same time, the study notes that people are working harder and longer, often for meager pay in precarious and insecure jobs. Consequently, the wages of the world's nearly 800 million workers have not kept pace with inflation and, as a result, have lost $1.5 trillion over the past two years, equivalent to 25 working days for every worker.

Oxfam предлагает правительствам быстро и радикально сократить разрыв между сверхбогатыми и остальным обществом, в частности, положить конец монополиям и обложить налогом огромные прибыли корпораций.

Oxfam proposes that governments quickly and radically close the gap between the super-rich and the rest of society, in particular by ending monopolies and taxing huge corporate profits.