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Bradley Cooper didn't immediately fall in love with his daughter Leah

The 49-year-old actor gave a candid interview to Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast.

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Fatherhood didn't immediately become what Bradley Cooper expected. Movies (and well-meaning relatives) often make meeting a baby into something supernaturally glowing, making people into sentimental weirdos running around around the newborn. But let's tell you a secret: the fever of adoration and love for a baby does not always come at the right time and in the right place - and there is nothing terrible about that. Cooper shared that he did not immediately feel love for his daughter Leah, whom the famous Russian-born fashion model Irina Shayk gave birth to in 2017. So much the better for everyone, the actor touched on a fairly common phenomenon that is not usually discussed.

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Deferred Unity

Speaking to the "Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard" podcast this week, the "Maestro" star admitted that for the first couple of months after Leah's birth, he thought, "I don't even know if I love the baby. This is great. It's cool. I'm watching this little guy develop." But at first he did not feel any special connection with the girl. And then something happened that he still cannot clearly describe: “Suddenly there were no questions left.”

They usually don't admit it, but it's completely normal to feel strange and even distant towards your child at first. Especially if the parents or one of them is suffering from postpartum depression. Research shows that at least one in ten men whose wives have recently given birth experience postpartum depression. It was even called “paternal postpartum depression.” And of course, it wouldn’t hurt to consult a psychologist if you feel a sense of hopelessness, if you don’t feel connected to your child, if it’s difficult for you to make decisions, if you can’t enjoy the things you used to enjoy, etc.

Leia saved him

Cooper also admitted to Shepard that his daughter Leia, in fact, saved his life. "I'm not sure I would be alive if I hadn't become a father," Bradley said. “I just needed someone to say, 'We're going to drop this huge anchor.' And I: “Why? We're in a hurry! I just updated the boat and I know which way the wind is blowing.” And to me: “No, no, no, a tsunami is coming, we need an anchor, and we will throw it.” Because you will have to adjust all your affairs to this. Your DNA will tell you that there is something greater than yourself."

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Fatherhood changed him

In June 2022, Cooper talked about fatherhood with his fellow co-stars Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes for the Smartless podcast. “Fatherhood... changes everything. Literally everything is shaded and painted in magnificent colors by the fact that I am becoming the father of an absolutely wonderful man. So now I appreciate every moment of my life,” he explained.