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, author: Ermakova M.

Interesting facts about Louis de Funes

Off the screen, celebrities lead no less interesting lives than on the screen. The life of Louis de Funes is a prime example of this.

Louis de Funes is rightfully considered one of the best actors of his time. He brilliantly reincarnated in different characters, demonstrating all the facets of the comedian's talent. But was it only humor that filled his life?

Interesting Facts

- The actor enjoyed watching his films in cinemas, attending screenings with his family. He, like an ordinary visitor, bought tickets, but after the beginning of the film he left the hall. De Funes came to the cinema in order to evaluate not the film, but the sound quality. If the sound was bad, the actor went to the projectionist and discussed with him the nuances of solving the problem. He also liked to listen to what the cashiers at the cinema were talking about - so it was possible to understand whether tickets for the next picture were sold out;

- Louis de Funes did not trust people. On this basis, he developed a persecution mania, forcing the actor to carry a pistol with him everywhere. Even at home! Therefore, he asked the children not to get under his feet in the evening and at night - suddenly he would not understand whose steps were heard in the darkness and would shoot ..;

- Any professional in his field has a hobby that is not related to the main activity. For de Funes, this was the cultivation of flowers. He especially liked roses. One type of rose is even named after the actor - "Louis de Funes". These flowers have a pleasant orange hue;

- The actor dreamed that his sons chose the same profession, but only one of them made the choice in favor of cinema - the eldest, Olivier. He appeared in some tapes with his father (including "Fantômas raged"), but over time, the movie got bored with the man. Olivier became a pilot for Air France;

- Louis de Funes was very fond of sleeping. His sleep was not sensitive, so in the evening the favorite of the public started not one, but three alarm clocks (at the same time), so that the loud trill of three devices at once was guaranteed to throw off the veil of sleep from him;

- De Funes wrote out especially interesting moments in the characters and behavior of the people around him in a special notebook. He then used these notes in the process of preparing for entering the next image - the features once noticed made the new character more "alive" and reliable.