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, author: Ermakova M.

Tattoos, fashion and dreams: interesting facts about Selena Gomez

What does a celebrity want? what difficulties does she face while preparing for filming and what moments from her childhood she prefers not to remember

Selena Gomez is known by many as a singer, as an actress, and as a dubbing pro. The lightness inherent in her on stage and in the frame seems to be with her everywhere. Is it so?

Interesting facts about the actress

• In an interview, Selena admitted that during her school years she felt like an outcast. Peers in middle and high school did not like her: "I had only two friends, and I sat on the last desks and studied quietly. School is a difficult time in life," Gomez said, adding that she experienced at school and unrequited love - to her really liked the young man, but since the future celebrity was not confident in herself, she simply avoided him;

• In 2015, she took part in the fashion show of the Victoria's Secret brand. While the other models backstage were freaking out and adding the finishing touches to their looks, Selena... ate fast food. It is easy to imagine the scale of envy of other participants in the show - they cannot afford such a thing;

• The singer has an unusual dream - to invent chewing gum with the taste of pickles. She is very fond of pickles, so she would like her favorite food to have a more compact form;

• Gomez is UNICEF's youngest ambassador. This achievement came to her at the age of 17. Now the girl is a member of the organization Raise Hope for Congo, which assists victims of violence;

• In 2010, she launched her own line of eco-clothing. All fabrics used in production were environmentally friendly, and Selena's most motivating thoughts were placed on the labels;

• For the filming of the film "Monte Carlo" (2011), the actress had to master two British dialects at once. Later, she admitted that it was precisely the development of the accents inherent in these dialects that caused the greatest difficulty in working on the role;

• There are currently seven tattoos on the star's body. One of them is especially valuable for Gomez - an Arabic inscription, which translates as "Love, first of all, yourself." Selena was inspired for this tattoo by a fan who approached her at a concert and said, "I want you to love yourself."