, author: Plackhin A.

Artificial Intelligence Claims Grammy Award

Technology is penetrating deeper and deeper into the arts.

Modern art is already getting used to using the neural network. It is used to shoot movies, write music, and change voices.

And, apparently, artificial intelligence has begun to claim to displace humans not only in work, but also in awards.

Harvey Mason Jr., president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which presents the Grammy Awards, said the other day that music written using a neural network was suitable for the awards ceremony.

The producer promised to publish in the nearest future the parameters, according to which such tunes will be eligible for participation in the Grammys, the main of which will be partial use of AI, but not full replacement of a human by it.

At the same time, Mason noted that there are already several compositions composed with the help of artificial intelligence, which are already quietly passing to the next competition and can even win an award.

Curiously, just in mid-June, the same Mason noted that the awards would be given to live humans, not AI, in any case.