, author: Ermakova M.

Such a different Christmas: 5 unusual Christmas traditions

In different countries, this holiday is celebrated taking into account the time of year, religious principles and national habits.

Christmas is just around the corner. You may want to add something new to your holiday, follow the rules adopted in some country in the world. Well, we present the top most unusual/strange ways to celebrate:

Iceland reading

In Iceland, people give each other only books at Christmas and spend the whole day reading. It is advisable that the gift include literary works not yet familiar to the recipient - this way the exchange of gifts will be more interesting and meaningful.

Japanese delicacy

Kagami mochi

In Japan, kagami-mochi is usually prepared for Christmas - a traditional holiday cake made from rice dough, shaped like a pyramid, and transparent. Decorated with dried persimmons. It is noteworthy that such a treat should remain in the house untouched throughout the Christmas holidays.

Once on a frosty Czech evening...

In the Czech Republic, there is a romantic Christmas ritual for girls, similar to our fortune telling for the groom. A beauty who wants to find out her fate must stand with her back to the door and, without looking, throw her shoe over her shoulder. If the shoes fall exactly towards the door, then in the near future the girl will receive a marriage proposal.

Generous Hungarian goats


In Hungary, at Christmas, guys dress up in a goat costume (or take with them a doll in the shape of a goat’s head, put on a stick) and go caroling - singing funny congratulatory songs, for which they are entitled to a treat. Nothing strange - goats in Hungary are considered a symbol of prosperity. Well, caroling is not alien to us, so don’t be surprised if you notice someone in a cloven-hoof costume on the street.

The unenviable fate of Australian kangaroos

In Australia, Christmas is celebrated in the summer, and at this time of year, as you know, it is common to have a barbecue. This is exactly what the Australians do, roasting their treasure - kangaroos. The taste of the meat of these animals is as familiar to them as beef or chicken is to us.