, author: Ermakova M.

Beauty is a terrible force: 6 beauty trends that came from the movies

Fashion trendsetters can be not only media people, but also movie characters beloved by many.

Sometimes a film or series gets into your soul so much that you want to transfer some part of it into your real life. This is possible thanks to constantly changing fashion trends - at all times they were actively set by movie characters. We present a selection of beauty trends that have crossed over from the film world into the real world:

Foreign trends

Curly Carrie (Sex and the City)

Carrie Bradshaw

There are a lot of requests on the Internet for instructions on how to create a hairstyle like Carrie Bradshaw's in the TV series Sex and the City. Thick, finely curled curls make any look playful and feminine. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that it should be done only on clean hair, using a curling iron with a diameter of 19 mm. Start from the root: rotate the curling iron once, wait until the strand heats up, remove the tool. Grab the same strand a little lower and repeat the same thing - you need to do this until you reach the very ends. Stylists recommend twisting your hair in different directions for a more natural result.

"Malvinka" ("Game of Thrones")

The heroines of the series “Game of Thrones” wear the “Malvinka” hairstyle, consisting of thin braids and loose strands. It is perfect for a date, a photo shoot or a themed party in the style of the series. A large curling iron can help make your hair even more romantic—you can curl loose strands around it.

Long bob (“Friends”)

Rachel from the series "Friends" wore an unusual (at least at the time of the sitcom's release) haircut - a bob with elongated highlighted strands. Both foreign and even Russian viewers, after watching the series, vying with each other to puzzle hairdressers with requests to repeat this daring, but very feminine haircut. Even now it looks fresh and modern, don’t you agree?

Our trends

Fitted dresses with full skirts (like Lyudmila Gurchenko)

After the release of the film “Carnival Night,” many girls “lit up” with the dream of a dress similar to those worn by the main character, the beautiful Lenochka. The performer of this role, Lyudmila Gurchenko, has always loved to focus public attention on her wasp waist. The average length of the dress made it possible to appreciate the beauty of the owner’s legs, while maintaining all the limits of decency.

Bob with bangs (like Natalia Varley)

“Komsomol member, athlete and simply beautiful” Natalya Varley” after the premiere of Leonid Gaidai’s film “Prisoner of the Caucasus” became not only everyone’s favorite actress, but also a real style icon. The young actress was only lightly made up during the filming - she has very bright and expressive facial features, therefore, makeup was not particularly needed. However, before filming, Natalya took a bold step, which made her one of the most stylish girls in the USSR - she got rid of her long hair, having a bob haircut, which was given charm by mischievous bangs. The audience, having watched the comedy, hurried to hairdressing salons - to turn into “simply beauties.”

Robe with fur collar (like Svetlana Svetlichnaya)

The heroine of the film "The Diamond Arm" Anna Sergeevna is perhaps the most liberated fashionista of her era. Her makeup with black arrows and blue shadows is amazing (in fact, it’s better not to combine these techniques; active eyeliners are combined only with nude shades of shadows), and a pink short robe with a fur trim on the collar is simply a “control in the head.” This wardrobe detail focuses attention on the figure and draws the eye to the legs. The actress admitted that after the premiere of the film, viewers sent her hundreds of letters asking for help in finding such a robe. And some ordered the same one from the studio.