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, author: Plackhin A.

Rock, Records, Theater: Interesting Facts about Paulo Coelho

The popularity of this writer in the United States could rival that of the Pope in the Vatican.

His bestsellers "Eleven Minutes" and "The Alchemist" are known to everyone, but much less is known about the personality of Paulo Coelho. This is the fate of all talented people - society knows a lot about their work, but almost does not know them. In honor of the writer's birthday we present the top interesting facts about him:

Parental misunderstanding

As a teenager, Paulo was placed in a psychiatric hospital. He dreamed of becoming a writer, eager to explore the world of literature, but his parents did not support the young man's interest and because of his penchant for creativity considered him abnormal. The future literary figure spent three years in the institution, escaped several times, but he was returned to the hospital walls.


In the early sixties Coelho dropped out of school, joined the then fashionable hippie movement and traveled the world with like-minded people. He visited all the countries of South and North America, visited Europe.


Two years after wandering around the world in the company of hippies, Paulo returned to his native Brazil and began to write songs for local rock stars. He composed poignant social lyrics. The writer managed to give Brazilian rockers more than a hundred songs.


And also the author of the books loved by many people had time to work as a theater director and even stepped on the theater a couple of times as an actor. Creative people are like that, versatile.

The Record Holder

Paulo Coelho made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the author of the work translated into the largest number of languages (I'm talking about "The Alchemist" - it has been translated into 80 languages).

The alternative to the ring

When the writer thought of getting married (for the fourth time), he had a butterfly tattooed on his arm as a sign of love and fidelity. It's somewhat of a forced measure - he really doesn't like wearing rings.