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Cook eggs properly and tasty

Eggs are one of the most popular foods. How long should an egg be cooked if you want it to stay soft? How long do eggs keep? Can eggs be frozen? Let's tell.

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Whether fried, boiled, in pies, casseroles, or as breakfast eggs, eggs can be cooked in many different ways and are part of many dishes. Boiled eggs are delicious in their pure form, on bread, with salad, vegetables and potatoes.

Soft, medium, hard: how long should eggs be boiled?

The hardness of egg yolks and egg whites depends on the cooking time, which may vary slightly depending on the size of the eggs:

  • Cooking time four minutes: egg whites and yolks are still very liquid
  • Cooking time five minutes: hard egg white covers the softened yolk.
  • Cooking time seven minutes: hard egg whites and yolks, waxy soft yolk - core
  • Cooking time ten minutes: egg whites and yolks will harden and can be cut without deformation.

Vinegar and salt prevent cracking when cooked

The fact that pre-pierced eggs do not burst during cooking belongs to the realm of culinary legends. Experiments have shown that, on average, about one in ten eggs is broken during cooking - regardless of whether it is broken or not. It is more beneficial to add salt or vinegar to the cooking water. As a result, the egg whites that come out will immediately curl up and close the gap.

When processing raw, keep an eye on freshness

When processing eggs, it is important to pay attention to the expiration date. This is especially true of all foods containing raw eggs, such as tiramisu, pudding, or homemade mayonnaise. These meals should always be prepared fresh, stored in the refrigerator and, if possible, eaten on the same day.

Leave the rest of the egg white and yolk and freeze them

Covered in a bowl in the refrigerator, you can store leftover egg white and yolk for about two to three days, or freeze. To do this, add a little salt or sugar to the mass. In a freezer at a temperature of minus 18 degrees, an egg without a shell will last from six to ten months. If you only have egg whites left, you can freeze them without adding salt or sugar. Frozen, it will keep for up to a year.

Minimum shelf life: How long can eggs be stored?

When buying eggs, it is recommended to always pay attention to the minimum expiration date. It ends 28 days after the laying date. But after that, the eggs will still turn out to be quite good if stored properly. However, they should now only be used for cooking or baking. It is important that they are heated to above 70 degrees to kill possible germs such as salmonella.

Raw eggs are best stored in the refrigerator door.

Raw eggs are best stored in the egg compartment on the refrigerator door. Always keep separate from other foods if possible, as the shells are permeable to air and eggs can pick up odors from strong-smelling foods such as onions. Do not wash eggs before storage to preserve the natural protective layer of the shell. It is best to store them with the pointed end down, as this will keep them longer. This is because the egg's natural air chamber is at the top. When stored in the reverse order, the air from this chamber rises after a while, as a result of which the eggshell peels off and microbes can enter it.

Test in a glass of water: is the egg still fresh?

How fresh is the egg? A test in a glass of water will show this. Checking if a raw egg is fresh is very simple: to do this, put the egg in a glass of cold water. A fresh egg will stay at the bottom, older eggs may end up in the middle of the glass, and bad ones will float to the top of the water. This is because the liquid from the older egg has already evaporated through the shell and the internal cavity provides buoyancy. With some practice, even after beating, you can determine whether an egg is completely fresh or already a little aged: in fresh eggs, the yolk and egg white also stick out, in older eggs, the egg white diverges widely, the egg yolk is flatter.
Cooking and tasting by smell protect against germs

If you are not sure if the egg is still fresh, it should be boiled, fried and fried well. This eliminates the danger associated with microbes. After that, you can easily and safely taste and feel whether the egg is still edible: something that still smells good and tastes good is also good.

How long do hard boiled eggs keep?

A hard-boiled egg will stay edible for about two weeks when stored in the refrigerator. Hard-boiled eggs sometimes develop a greenish rim around the yolk. This is a chemical reaction during cooking between the iron in the yolk and the sulfur in the egg whites. But in terms of taste and quality, it doesn't change anything.