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It's going to be delicious: 6 healthy snack ideas

Nutritionists are unanimous about the need for snacks between meals.

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Even if you are very busy and your day is packed to the minute, you shouldn't forget to snack. But you shouldn't use bologna sandwiches, crisps and sweets as a snack either. These are all delicious, but they're not healthy. Here are some harmless options to fight hunger:

Green tea

Yes, yes, plain green tea. One small cup of this drink will dull the feeling of hunger for a few hours. It's best to use loose leaf tea. If you spend most of the day at work, you can take it with you in a thermos.

Nuts and dried fruit


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Put a handful of your favourite nuts and an equal amount of dried fruit in a bag or plastic container (remember to wash them thoroughly). This snack satisfies the body's need for protein and (healthy) fats, as well as glucose.


If you don't want to eat fruit or vegetables, you can... drink them. Make a smoothie out of any fruit and vegetables you like, adding a banana (if you've chosen fruit) or avocado (if it was vegetable) to the drink for extra nutrition. The result is a light, delicate and easy-to-make snack. Sugar is usually not added.


Eating an apple in any form will relieve your hunger for a long time. Here's a recipe for a simple and delicious afternoon snack: grate an apple, add a drop of honey, stir and... enjoy! And according to nutritionists, baked apples are the best way to fight hunger. By the way, you can also add a spoon of honey to apples before serving - it will not decrease their usefulness, but taste becomes even brighter.

Mashed fruit

Store-bought (baby food) or homemade fruit can also be used: soften the fruit in a little butter (or cream) with a blender and you have a healthy dessert. It may look like a smoothie but the taste is a little more delicate.


A glass of this fermented milk drink will satisfy your hunger for a long time without leaving a heavy feeling in your stomach. Fresh berries or a little jam can be added to the kefir for flavour. If kefir is not available, yoghurt can be used, but there is one rule - it must be natural (white) without artificial fruit fillers. Such a snack won't hurt, even if you eat it overnight.