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Symbolic and appetizing: top food-related New Year traditions

Each of them can bring good luck and happiness in the coming year. Try it and see.

New Year's holidays in any country are accompanied by a number of traditions. Many of them are related to cooking. The approach of the New Year is a great opportunity to get to know them and, perhaps, implement them in your family:



In Japan, there is a tradition of preparing New Year's dishes, which are placed in bright boxes. Each of the boxes symbolizes some blessing that is wished for the guest in the coming year.


In Spain, it is customary to celebrate the New Year by eating 12 grapes - one for each stroke of the clock. The grapes symbolize the months of the coming year. When eating another berry, you need to make a wish - each of them will certainly come true.


In some regions of Germany, a pig's head is considered a traditional New Year's dish. It symbolizes strength and power, and also predicts a successful and prosperous year. The head is prepared in different ways - fried, stewed, baked...


In Mexico, on New Year's Eve they serve a sweet analogue of our pancakes - buñuelo. They are placed on the table on a ceramic dish - this is a must. After the dessert is eaten, the dish should be broken - this ritual symbolizes parting with the past and the transition to a new stage of life.

Growing up

In Korea, each person's age is increased not on their birthday, but on New Year's Day. And eating a traditional soup called tteokguk is an important ritual. After all, without eating a plate of tteokguk, South Koreans generally cannot consider themselves a year older.


pomegranate liqueur

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And in Turkey there is a very bright and juicy (in the literal sense of the word) tradition: at midnight they break fresh grenades on the door frames. It is believed that the more grains that fall out of the fruit when struck, the happier the coming year will be.


green bean

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In sunny Argentina, success is symbolized by beans, so those who dream of climbing the career ladder in the near future or finding personal happiness are sure to prepare them for the New Year.