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Foods to curb appetite

Four types of foods that will help reduce your appetite.

There are a lot of tips on the Internet on how to curb the raging appetite, but they are all forgotten after work.
It's evening, you've come home after a long day of work. In the morning you had a cup of coffee (because there is no time, you don't want to be late for work), in the afternoon you ate a sandwich with tea (because there is no time - the boss is waiting for the report), in the evening on the way home - ice cream, quickly, in chunks (because there is no time, it's starting to rain, you have to dive into the subway), that's all....
Not too much food. But the catch is different - now, in the evening, when you can relax and rest, you feel with horror how awakens a beastly appetite! You want to climb into the refrigerator and do not leave it - what for nothing to run from the TV to the kitchen? And the closer the hour of going to bed, the more you want to eat! What to do? How to be? After all, this mode of eating leads to inexorable weight gain.
Of course, it is best to follow the right diet, combining it with sufficient motor activity. We all know this, but always find some reason not to exercise and not to watch your diet. But there is another little secret that can make life a little easier for a person seeking to lose weight: it turns out that there are products that reduce appetite. And these are:

1. light proteins. They are found in sufficient quantities in poultry and fish, dishes from which are easily digested and give a prolonged feeling of satiety. It is better to use boiled or stewed poultry and fish.

2. legumes containing vegetable proteins. Excellent reduce appetite, pleasantly heavy stomach, do not let you eat too much.

3. Quality fiber. This includes goodies like oatmeal, nuts and seeds, carrots, beets, celery. So-called "long carbohydrates" are slowly digested, so they are a great substitute for short carbohydrates, i.e. those abundant in unhealthy buns and sweets.

4. Water. Yes, yes, ordinary water perfectly helps to reduce appetite. It happens that thirst is skillfully disguised as hunger! By the way, if you drink a glass of cold water before eating, you can achieve a reduction in the portion needed for satiety.

A very important note: if you eat the recommended products together with products that lead to increased appetite, your efforts to lose weight will not succeed. Sour foods, seasonings, spices, too strong tea, coffee, mustard and horseradish, candy and other sweet "goodies" increase appetite.

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