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, author: Ermakova M.

Popular Roblox mini-game to be made into TV series

One of the minigames available on Roblox, called Creatures of Sonaria, will get its own TV series. The directors are rumored to have been inspired by the recent success of The Last of Us, with a former Lucasfilm executive heading the project.

According to Deadline, the project's success could lead to even more fan-made Roblox titles being filmed in the future. The producers say they will continue to search for universes with multi-platform potential.

The project is being developed in collaboration with Wind Sun Sky and Productivity Media. The creators of the original game, the Twin Atlas team, are also involved in the production. In addition, the adaptation of another Roblox creation, Twilight Daycare, is planned.

Creatures of Sonaria is a survival game where players become an animal living in a magical world and can choose from several character classes. The game involves competition or cooperation by forming herds with other users. Creatures can pair up to increase the numbers of their species. Nearly 400 million members of the Roblox community have played the game since its release in 2020, and over 900,000 have added it to their list of favorite game modes.