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, author: Ermakova M.

The doctor revealed the secrets of healthy sleep

The quality of a night's rest depends on the situation and on the chosen position.

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We spend a significant part of our life in sleep, so it is important to pay attention to the conditions in which you relax at night. Factors that improve the quality of sleep were listed by the INVITRO-Moscow doctor Sergey Khomyakov.

First of all, the climate is important. You shouldn't be cold/hot. +20 degrees are quite comfortable. “You need to sleep in complete darkness - this way the maximum secretion of melatonin is achieved. The bedroom should be well isolated from sounds,” the specialist outlined the basic rules for a good rest.

The doctor advises to carefully choose a pillow - let it be moderately soft and suitable for you in width and height. Lying on an uncomfortable one, you run the risk of experiencing a clamp in the neck muscles or a headache. This will definitely not contribute to the feeling of cheerfulness in the morning.

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