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, author: Ermakova M.

Fluffy doctor: what diseases do cats get rid of

Communication with animals can minimize pain and improve mood. Let's figure out what exactly the four-legged "doctors" treat.

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Cat Day (it is celebrated on March 1) is a great occasion to mention the talent of these animals to treat human ailments.

Pet therapist Nika Mogilevskaya confirmed the ability of cats and some other animals to relieve people of various symptoms - pain, depression, anxiety. More than 40 studies have confirmed the effectiveness of interacting with animals for healing purposes.

So, spending time with cats can help normalize blood pressure, strengthen immunity. “The purring of fluffy doctors with a frequency of oscillation from 27 to 44 hertz has a positive effect on the activation of the protective and immune forces of the human body,” notes felinologist Lyudmila Makarova.

The singing of birds normalizes the work of the heart and relieves depression. And communication with rodents will help to cope with muscle spasms, anxiety.

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