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, author: Ermakova M.

Blues, go away: 7 ways to cheer yourself up

In order to change the emotional state for the better, you need very little effort.

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The period of transition from one season to another is often accompanied by a depressed mood. How to cheer up and believe again that life is beautiful? We offer several life hacks.

Not depression

It is important to understand that your condition is the result of a temporarily spoiled mood, and not depression. How to distinguish one from the other?

With depression, those activities that usually cause positive emotions are no longer encouraging. That is, if in a bad mood you still do your job / read books / communicate with friends with pleasure, then you can relax: this is just a "fallen" mood, which will soon rise.

In addition, it is often impossible to overcome depression without medication. And the mood changes by itself, without any influence.

We drive away the negative

So, we have dealt with the characteristics of the internal state. Let's get in the mood:

1. Smile

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No matter how ridiculous it may sound, try to "force" a smile, stretching your lips into a smile. Repeat this action several times. After that, you will notice that the muscles of the face and the nervous system have adapted to the smile, and it - already sincere - will appear on the face without effort.

2. Breath

Take three moderately deep breaths in and out. Breathing - meaningful and calm - helps to clear the mind and drive out of thoughts everything that depresses.

3. Delicious food

Eat your favorite treat at home or in a cafe. Buy a delicious cake or treat yourself to fast food - sometimes you can! Eat your food slowly, savoring every bite. Yes, this will not solve any global problems, but it will enrich your body with the “hormone of happiness”.

4. Hugs

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Hug someone who is dear to your heart. It can be a child, mother, girlfriend, lover, or at least a cat! Sincere hugs soothe and give a sense of harmony.

5. Emotion filter

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Eliminate sources of negativity from your life. Do not read the news, do not answer the calls of unpleasant people.

6. Creativity

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Any creative activity distracts from disturbing thoughts and contributes to a surge of emotions. Dance to your favorite tune, try to draw something cheerful... - you'll see, it will become much easier for you!

7. Self love

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Take care of yourself. Soak in a fragrant bubble bath, book a manicure (or do it yourself), let yourself get some sleep—when cats scratch your soul, your body needs special attention. Treat yourself to pleasant sensations - in the process, the negative will certainly dissipate.

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