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, author: Ermakova M.

The doctor explained who should not observe Great Lent

The time of fasting is the time of refusal not from food, but from bad thoughts and deeds.

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In the days of Lent, many try to refrain from eating fat-rich foods, preferring vegetables and fruits. However, food restrictions, according to doctors, should be dictated by the state of health, and not something else. For certain categories of people, refusing the usual food can only do harm.

Evidence-based medicine doctor Oleg Abakumov noted that he was surprised to observe fasting people who, at the same time, constantly come into conflict with someone or, for example, use foul language.

“As my dad says, by the way, a priest, fasting is not about food, but about purity of thoughts,” he said, adding that pregnant women should not fast (because during the period of expectation of a child, a woman already feels a nutritional deficiency), as well as children (in their respect, only a partial restriction of sweets and fast food is acceptable). People with diabetes should also not fast, as they constantly need vitamins and minerals that cannot be obtained from plant foods alone.