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, author: Ermakova M.

Therapist told how to strengthen the immune system in early spring

The weather is not stable - the thaw is replaced by frost, which caused a new surge of colds.

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The weather that prevails today in the central part of Russia can be called a confrontation between spring and winter - March has long been on the calendar, and the landscapes on the street are still quite January. Yesterday it was slushy everywhere, today it's icy. According to doctors, such a transitional period is very dangerous for health - immunity weakens, the risk of catching a cold increases.

“The weather is humid and warm. This is a favorite environment for the spread and life of almost all viruses,” explains therapist Olga Savina. She noted that during periods of short-term warming, everyone takes off their hats and scarves, which causes hypothermia and colds, and exacerbates chronic ailments.

As measures to strengthen the immune system, Savina recommended normalizing sleep (early sleep and early rise, falling asleep in complete darkness), start writing correctly (proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates, more plant foods), ventilate the room more often and do not forget about the need to wash your hands .

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