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, author: Ermakova M.

The psychologist told what is the reason for passive aggression

Not all people are able / willing to go into open conflicts, therefore they express negative emotions differently.

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Barbs, sarcasm, being late, devaluing or ridiculing someone else's opinion - all this can be manifestations not so much of a bad character as of passive aggression. Psychologist Ksenia Levina explained where the habit of expressing emotions comes from in this way: “We draw such a pattern of behavior from childhood, when the child could not openly express feelings, experiences, conflict with parents,” she said.

The expert noted that if a person who uses methods of hidden, implicit aggression is important to you, then you definitely need to talk with him and find out the reasons for discontent. In this case, you should be prepared for the emergence of conflict. But even from a showdown, you can benefit - the conflict helps to voice emotions and feelings, to resolve the situation.

A productive dialogue is also facilitated by the ability to resist manipulation.

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