, author: Ermakova M.

The nutritionist told about the least useful sweets

Sweet tooth should be wary and reconsider their addictions.

Doctors do not welcome the passion for sweets, because the use of sugar harms the figure and internal organs. There are also champion treats in terms of harmfulness. Nutritionist Angelica Duval spoke about the dangers of loving them.

"Lollipops provoke sharp jumps in sugar <...>. The constant use of such sweets can provoke various inflammatory diseases both in the mouth and in the gastrointestinal tract," she noted. This type of sweets can cause gastritis, because in the process of eating them, a large amount of gastric juice is produced - since the lollipop is not a complete food, the stomach literally begins to digest itself.

Note to lovers of delicious - you can not refuse baking, while maintaining harmony and health.

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