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Natural remedies for headache relief

Headache is a common condition that many people suffer from on a daily basis.

Dr. Mehmet Ucar explains to us some natural remedies to get rid of headaches.

You can try cold press

If you are having a migraine attack, you can apply a cold press to your forehead. You can put a chilled towel on your forehead. You can also relieve migraine pain by applying ice packs to your head. You can keep the ice pack on the lair for 15 minutes, and then take a 15-minute break.

If you have cluster headaches

If you have cluster headaches, you can also try applying ice or sitting in the dark.

Warm compress

If you have a tension headache (the most common type), you can put a heating pad or warm towel on the back of your head. If you have sinus pain, you can apply a warm cloth to the sore spot or take a hot shower.

Try not to chew

Chewing gum is not only bad for your teeth, but it can also give you a headache. The same goes for biting nails, lips, the inside of the cheeks, or useful objects like pencils. If you grind your teeth at night, ask your dentist for a mouth guard. It can relieve headaches early in the morning.

Fluid intake

Drink plenty of fluids. Lack of fluid can cause or worsen a headache.

Pressure on the scalp

If you put your hair in a ponytail during the day and make it too tight, it can cause a headache. These "external compression headaches" can also be caused by wearing an overly tight hat, headband, or even swimming goggles. If this gives you a headache, you can simply fix the problem, for example, by loosening your hair or making the bun looser.

Dark environment

Bright or flashing light from a computer screen can also trigger a migraine attack. If you have light-related headaches, you can cover your windows with dark curtains and wear sunglasses during the day. You can also add anti-glare screens to your computer screen and use fluorescent lights to illuminate them.

Drink some coffee

Drinking caffeinated drinks, such as tea and coffee, can also be helpful for headaches.

Relaxation practice

Stretching, yoga, meditation or muscle relaxation are also helpful for headaches and other pains.


Massaging the neck for a few minutes can help relieve tension headaches that can be caused by stress.

Pressure point massage

Treating a headache can be as simple as applying pressure to specific pressure points on your body. For example, to relieve a headache in your temples, apply pressure to your temples and rub gently in a circular motion.

To relieve headaches caused by tired eyes, use the tips of your index fingers to press down on the middle of your eyebrows and release, or press in small circles for a minute and release.

Rubbing the tip of the thumb and forefinger is said to relieve stress, headaches, and other types of pain. For this;

1. On your left hand, find the gap between the base of your thumb and forefinger.

2. Press this point for 4-5 seconds with your right thumb and forefinger. Slowly move your thumb in a circle while applying pressure.

3. Find the same place in your right hand and repeat this process with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand for another five minutes.

Try essential oils

Medicinal peppermint essential oil and lavender essential oils seem to be the most beneficial for headache relief. Both have sedative properties that can help relieve pain.

Applying a small amount of peppermint essential oil to the temples has been found to relieve headaches. Just make sure you don't put oil on your eyes.

Applying aromatherapy with lavender essential oil can also be an effective and safe way to relieve migraine headaches. Try smearing it on an essential oil diffuser, or apply a small amount to your palms, rub your hands, and then inhale the scent.


Foods rich in protein and fiber, such as almonds and cherries, can also help prevent headaches.

Consume magnesium

Magnesium, found in high amounts in dark chocolate, dried figs, tahini, raw almonds, mackerel, and raw pumpkin seeds, can help relieve headaches. Most people who experience migraines or tension headaches have low levels of magnesium in the brain during this time.

Take some ginger

A recent small study found that taking ginger relieved pain in people with migraines in the emergency room. You can try a supplement or make a tea.

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