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The psychologist told how to cope with a panic attack

Today, panic attacks are not uncommon. Almost everyone has encountered them.

A panic attack is a condition that is difficult to control. Many have come across it, but - surprisingly - not everyone knows about it. Psychologist Elena Yarikova explained how to distinguish a panic attack from other psychological problems and overcome it.

She noted that panic attacks are always accompanied by a number of symptoms: a feeling of growing anxiety, fear of death, rapid pulse. Symptoms "capture" a person very quickly, which is why the panic only intensifies. "Unlike a panic attack, a feeling of increased anxiety arises on a specific action ... In turn, a panic attack can occur spontaneously and for no reason," the specialist clarifies.

The first step in dealing with such a condition should be a complete medical examination. Also, do not neglect the help of a psychotherapist. The specialist will help to understand the nature of the occurrence of panic attacks. If the attacks are single, then treatment with medication is not needed.

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