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Flu, cold, corona: how to alleviate the symptoms yourself

In most cases, symptoms can be treated at home. What helps with cough, runny nose, fever and sore throat?

These diseases do not depend on the season. Those who do not become seriously ill can usually treat the infection at home. First of all, in order to recover quickly, it is important to give the body a rest and take care of itself. It's best to stay in bed.

What to do with a sore throat and cough?

With all the typical cold and flu symptoms, it's important to drink enough because the body needs plenty of fluids. In addition to water, teas and decoctions are useful. A sore throat can be slightly relieved with sage and ginger tea. If the sore throat is very severe and, in addition, there is fever and difficulty swallowing, it may be tonsillitis. Contact your doctor. From dry cough, inhalations with hot water several times a day help. In addition, a traditional home remedy for cough is a syrup made by yourself from onion decoction and honey. However, honey is not suitable for young children under one year old.

Reduce fever with home remedies

Fever indicates that the immune system is activated. It is important to give the body a rest so that it can fight infection, and drink plenty of fluids. Those who are cold should take extra blankets or a heating pad. If the patient is too warm and sweating, wraps can be done: moisten a thin cloth, such as a kitchen towel, with warm water, wring it out and do not wrap the shins too tightly. Wrap with another dry cloth. Important: in no case should the water be icy, but should be warm. If the feet or shins feel cool to the touch, such wraps should be discarded.

If the temperature persists for three days or is very high, you should consult a doctor. The same applies to poor general condition.

What helps with a cold?

If your nose is blocked, a decongestant nasal spray will help. But it can't be used for a long time, only for a few days. In addition, inhalations using hot water vapor are recommended. Salt water rinses are also helpful. In the pharmacy, you can buy special products for washing the nose. If the runny nose is purulent and other symptoms are added to it, such as fever or a strong feeling of illness, you should consult a doctor.

Bow for ear pain

Since ear pain can quickly become very severe, it should be treated by a doctor. An effective and proven home remedy as an immediate remedy is a packet of onions. To do this, put the finely chopped onion in a bag of thin cloth, wring it out a little. Steam briefly with warm water or in the microwave. Then check if the pouch is at a comfortable temperature, not too hot, and apply it to the affected ear. In addition, a decongestant nasal spray helps relieve ear pain.

Medications for persistent symptoms

If symptoms persist for longer, it may make sense to resort to over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen, in consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.

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