, author: Ermakova M.

The doctor gave advice to allergy sufferers to alleviate the condition

It is worth reducing your stay in places of flowering trees, as well as washing your nose.

Pollinosis season is in full swing. According to statistics, 15% of the world's population suffers from an allergy to plant pollen. Therapist Tatyana Romanenko named simple and effective ways to alleviate the condition during an allergy.

One of them is moving to another area, changing the climate during an exacerbation. But if you can’t leave, then you can help yourself in another way - to minimize contact with the allergen and rinse the mucous membranes upon returning from the street. “A very effective way ... is to wash your face, rinse your nose with normal saline, rinse your throat. Thus, we will reduce the number of allergic particles that could be on the mucous membranes,” the expert said.

Also, do not open the windows during the day if you live in places with a high concentration of flowering plants. Airing is permissible only in the early morning hours - the concentration of pollen in the air at this time is not too high.

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