, author: Plackhin A.

Nutritionist outlined the daily rate of coffee consumption

April 17 is International Coffee Day. There are many lovers of this drink in all countries of the world.

Few people can imagine their morning without a cup of coffee. However, excessive fondness for this fragrant drink can be detrimental to health. Dietician Elena Solomatina told about how to avoid it.

She noted that over the past few years, the opinion of doctors about coffee has changed for the better - its daily norm has been increased.

"It is allowed to drink no more than four cups of coffee a day without consequences for health", - summed up the specialist, noticing that for one category of people for whom even small amounts of coffee is still dangerous are people with high blood pressure. The nutritionist recommended them to replace coffee with chicory - decoction of this plant by adding cream or milk is very similar (in taste and color) to coffee, so the alternative will not deprive the coffee man of the pleasure of a cup of delicious drink in the morning.

Coffee lovers will appreciate the Armenian coffee drinking traditions.

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